922690_10200371572466761_1837171728_nSonja Milenović was born in Zaječar, Serbia, in 1988. From an early age, she demonstrated a passion for the media and arts. In 2007, Sonja relocated to the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade, in order to further her studies and pursue her interests. At the Academy of Fine Arts, she focused her studies within the department of Mass Media. When offered the chance to work in one of the most influential television stations in Serbia, Sonja demonstrated a strong aptitude for journalism along with an engaging and photogenic personality. As a result, at the young age of 19, she began reporting for the Morning Program and the Belgrade Chronicle (the morning and evening broadcast).

The experience she gained on broadcast television helped her develop within the ranks of journalism. From independent research to delivering live broadcasts, Sonja demonstrated a broad range of skill as a news reporter. Carrying on activities and tasks in newsroom,  she learned to react quickly and make decisions in the moment, covering both the theoretical and practical aspects of the story. Sonja quickly became a standout in her field; her ability to communicate effectively to audiences around Serbia set her apart from her peers.

After graduating in 2011, Sonja decided to broaden her horizons and traveled to America to learn more about journalism. To develop as a professional journalist, she sought experiences and perspectives from a culture different from her own. A passion for truth and a need to expose injustice has led her around the world in search of more knowledge.


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